DELIVERIES/PICK-UP: I am currently a one woman operation. I make deliveries Wednesday-Friday between 2-5pm and Saturday between 11-1pm within Nashville city limits. If you need an order in the morning, please schedule your delivery for the day before. There is a $10 delivery fee for deliveries outside of city limits within 25 miles of the greater Nashville area (Madison, Mt Juliet, Franklin, etc.) I cannot guarantee delivery at an exact time. If you need an order Sunday-Tuesday, please have it delivered on Saturday. If you are outside of Nashville city limits, there is pick-up at Gift Horse in Five Points (Fatherland and 10th) at 5pm Wednesday through Friday. 

 SHIPPING: I am currently only taking a very limited amount of shippable orders until further notice. Please be patient, unless you have specified a necessary delivery date, I cannot guarantee to timeframe for orders to ship. 

 DEPOSITS: If you pay a deposit for a wedding cake, dessert table, or scheduled event, your deposit is non-refundable. This means that once you pay, my calendar is blacked-out for that time period and I will not take on other work. This also means that in the unlikely event that you need to cancel your order, your deposit is forfeited. If you need to reschedule your event, please contact me as soon as possible. If I am booked on your rescheduled date, your deposit is forfeited. 

INGREDIENTS/ETHICS: I am a 100% vegan pastry chef, and ethically so. I will not accept orders with requests to use animal byproducts. I will, however, accept custom orders for gluten free, sugar free and accommodate other special dietary needs. I only use high quality, ethical ingredients. Please contact me for specific requests!