Nashville, I'm in love!

I knew that moving to Nashville was the best thing for our little family, and even though we are still in new house-new town-lots of changes mode, everything is really starting to fall into place!  This summer is going to be a really special one, and I can't wait to meet everyone and feed everyone and give lots of hugs!!

Ive been meaning to update this blog more, and I will! Just catching up on shipable orders and getting all my ducks in a row before a busy and exciting month! Extra special thanks to The Nashville Scene for the super sweet article about my work! Bringing beautiful and delicious vegan desserts mainstream is my ultimate goal and I'm pinching myself  daily and crying happy tears every time I think about how this town has shown so much love! 

So, now about this blog space, what do you care about? What do you want to see here? Daily life? Recipes? Animal rescue work? Bakery renovations? Let me know!! Here's some cookies from a baby shower today, and a silly photo of me and some very messy hair!! 

I'll update more soon!! Tell me what you want to see!!!